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It's hard not to love good food, shared with good friends, when you grow up in the Wine Country of California.  My hometown in Northern California has been on the leading edge of natural and organic farming practices for many years.  The result was a fresh selection of interesting regional ingredients and a love for delicious recipes.


My mom still lives in the wine country is one of the best cooks I know.  Her love of food and entertaining continues to inspire me to not just cook - but to create memorable culinary experiences.  I am not a professional chef and have not had any training.  I just enjoy cooking and entertaining friends and have been known to receive a good review or two!


My husband and I now call the mountains in Colorado our home.  Some of our best moments are shared with friends while smoking roasts, cooking Thanksgiving or throwing football parties.  I've never been one to just throw some burgers on the grill for friends... instead I enjoy cooking memorable meals that make their drive up the mountain to our home worth while.  These are not all my own recipes... but a collection of our favorites - both mine and other friends, Chefs and restaurants who have been kind enough to share.

To contact me regarding advertising, guest posts or general questions - please send me an email to laura@laurasbestrecipes.com

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